Stage 2 - Benchmarking on xerxes

In this post I'll be looking at how bzip2 performs on x86_64 machine and how it compares to the performance on aarch64 machine.

The files used for benchmarking are same files used to benchmark on aarch64 machine.

The method to benchmark is also same as the method I used on aarch64 machine.
You can take a look at the method by visiting earlier post here.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the benchmark results on x86_64.



Comparing with the results on aarch64 machine it was 46.65secs faster to compress random text file on x86_64 machine, and 1.73secs faster to compress large image file on x86_64 machine.

Next I'll be testing the same optimization options I used in the aarch64 machine, and let's see what kind of result we get.